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Abyssinia Restaurant is here in downtown Calgary to serve you delectable food from the unique and ancient traditional cuisine of Ethiopia and Eritrea. We hope you will find this a truly exciting dining experience while breaking some injera and eating from the same plate with friends and family.

Ethiopian food is best known for the spongy sourdough flatbread called Injera, which serves as the ‘spoon’ for lentil, bean, meat, and vegetable dishes served with it. Ethiopian dishes are characterized by the unique variety and combination of spices used to give them their exotic taste.

Vegan dishes are also a staple of Ethiopian cuisine, especially during lent and other fasting seasons when most of the Coptic Orthodox Christians temporarily become vegans.

Ethiopian cuisine is a delightful experience. Featuring both vegan and meat entrées, it gives you a choice of good nutrition while enjoying its delicate and exotic seasonings.

We hope to see you enjoying great meals at Abyssinia Restaurant soon.


For groups of 4 people or more, we strongly recommend making reservations so that we can make arrangements to accommodate you appropriately. Call us at 403.452.3498 to book your table.

Take Out

Call your order at 403.452.3498 for pick up to enjoy at the location of your choice. Online ordering and delivery coming soon.


We cater delicious Ethiopian cuisine for any event at your location or at our restaurant. Please talk to us for further details.

Private Bookings

Abyssinia is available for private or corporate events, weddings and other special banquets. Please talk to us for further details.

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Comfort Food

Comfort food: Shiro Wot for the crispy cold Canadian fall and winter days.

abyssinia restaurant ethiopian cuisine food calgary canada alberta ewnet buna coffee ceremony

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you to all our patrons!! We truly appreciate you and hope to continue to serve you the best Ethiopian cuisine.